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The Importance of Annual Wellness Examinations for Your Cat

Cats need regular veterinary care, including wellness exams at least once a year. Cats age faster than you do, so an annual exam for them is similar to you visiting your doctor or dentist every four to five years. Prevention is always safer and less expensive than treatment, and is why your cat needs to be seen at least once a year by your veterinarian.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners and American Animal Hospital Association recommend a minimum of one annual wellness exam for cats, with more frequent exams for senior and geriatric patients, or those cats with medical or behavioral conditions.

During the wellness examination, your veterinarian will conduct a thorough exam of your cat. Here's what to expect during the health risk assessment exam:

  • A review of your cat's previous health records
  • Discuss medications your cat is currently taking, including flea prevention products
  • Note weight and age changes since the last exam
  • Ask about any lifestyle changes in your cat
  • Perform a physical exam including: teeth, mouth, eyes, ears, skin, coat, and paws
  • Ask about any unusual behavior in your cat, such as drinking more water, eating less or more, sleeping less or more, or a change in activity level
  • Treat any current condition, such as ear infection or ear mites
  • A dental check to see if a cleaning is necessary
  • If early disease signs are detected, a recommendation for further tests
  • A recommendation of appropriate vaccinations to help prevent disease

Stressed about bringing your cat in? Watch this video for some great tips to make it easier on them and you!

Visit www.haveweseenyourcatlately.com for some information on common feline illness, visiting the vet and other ways to keep your cat happy and healthy.

* Information provided by AAHA and AAFP.